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Phone: 1300 926 296

              +61 7 3889 1666
Email: anthony@evotechpacific.com.au

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What is the best way to receive technical support?

Matrix and Counter Sketch International – You will receive 12 months of complimentary support via the Evotech Support Forum with your initial purchase.  This support will expire one year from your initial purchase. 

You can renew your support options via this website.

All support is provided via the Evotech Support Forum, phone and email support is not catered for.

Can anyone join the designers portfolios?

Yes – we encourage both local and international jewellery designers using the Matrix, Rhino Gold, and Zbrush software to join and create a portfolio for prospective clients to view.  The better and more comprehensive your portfolio, the higher chance you have of obtaining work. 

Is Evotech Pacific affiliated with other companys?

Evotech Pacific is the sole distributor for Gemvision technology solutions in Australia and New Zealand encompassing the Matrix and Counter Sketch range of products. 

We are also resellers for the Asiga line of 3d printing solutions.

Our finance solutions are provided for via KRW Finance.

All of our web engineering is provided for via Nexus Media Studio


How secure is the Evotech website? Is my data protected?

We will not disclose or share your information with any third party providers unless express permission is provided to do so.  All information is treated as confidential.

What exactly happens after ordering?

We are provided with your order, an invoice with an invoice number is generated.This invoice number will serve as your reference number for any future requests.Once payment in full is received, your order is processed, and fulfillment begins.For orders which require shipping, you should expect your order to receive within 5 – 15 business days.

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